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Podcast: Quarantine Holiday Marketing in 2020

Holiday Marketing: The Quarantine Edition – Social Cast Ep. 29

The holiday season is traditionally a big boon time for marketers, but like the rest of the year it’s a much different experience in 2020. But just how different is it, and what are brands doing that’s still resonating with their audience?

In this episode, we speak with Socialbakers presales consultant Nardo Vogt about what’s driving marketing and consumer decisions during the final weeks of the year, what kind of tactics have been more common this year, and what the deciding factors will be for businesses that successfully use this time to start strong in 2021.

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We’ve Collected the Most Important Social Media Holidays for You

Key Takeaways

  • What’s the right emotional balance to strike for a holiday campaign during a pandemic?
  • Lots of brands have embraced TikTok-style channels, scaling down the quality of production in order to create content that fits the platform.
  • The rise of Twitch and other streaming platforms has offered brands a way to be right there in their audience’s home at a time when people are missing a lot of other brand interactions because of changing habits (billboards, in-store ads, etc.).

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