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Product News: Platform Features W5 2021

Break Down Your Listening Analysis and Track Content by Content Labels

Get Nitty Gritty and Analyze Listening Content With New Content Label Visualizations

When gathering Social Listening data, it’s crucial to get the right insights to the right teams. By grouping listening content based on unique labels, it’s easy to conduct customized analysis at scale.

And with today’s release, breaking down your Listening analysis has become even more comfortable! In Analytics, you can now dive deeper into your listening data by analyzing data based on content labels. Break down Listening content by product category to understand what people say about certain business divisions, or dive into specific topics to monitor trending themes or categories beyond your owned profiles. It’s up to you how to group your data. 

To get started, head over to Listening Analytics, pick a query or query set, select the Volume view, and you’ll see three new widgets:

  • Number of mentions by label, displaying up to 32 content labels at once
  • Number of interaction by label
  • Potential impressions by label, both displaying up to 16 content labels

While Socialbakers does the heavy lifting and auto-pulls all content labels from your query, you can focus on the crucial task and get started with the listening analysis right away.

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