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Product News: Platform Features W51 2020

Customize Content Analysis With the Flexible Content Widget

One of the most-used widgets for content analysis is getting better! With the new Flexible Content Widget, you can get a holistic view of your content performance across all social channels and slice and dice the data based on your unique objectives.

With the new Content Widget, customization is at your fingertips:

  • Select content labels for an in-depth content analysis
  • Get nitty-gritty with even more metrics and filters
  • Create a custom visualization and choose between card or table view
  • And naturally, as a Flexible Widget, the Content Widget supports all the flexibility you love and are used to. Explore all functionalities of the new Flexible Content Widget.

Analyze top-performing posts, spot patterns in engagement, and confront what’s missed the mark, all right from your Dashboard.

Measure Team Performance With Advanced Community Reporting

Today’s consumers expect a great experience with brands online. With Socialbakers advanced community reporting, stay on top of your team’s performance and get detailed insights to improve where it counts. 

Analyze Your Team’s Output in the Team Performance Dashboard

Want to identify potential team bottlenecks and find ways to eliminate them effectively? No problem. Dive into the new Team Performance Dashboard to analyze your overall team performance and individual agent’s output. With information on incoming messages, response time, and agent performance, it’s your go-to Dashboard to measure overall team performance and productivity. To save or share the analysis, export the dashboard as pptx or xlsx. Easy!

Measure Team Response Speed in the Response Time Flexible Widget

To ensure you’re meeting your response times goals, the new Response Time Flexible Widget displays overall response time based on the business hours you’ve set in the Settings. Once you understand the benchmarks, identify how you can get back to customers even quicker.

Oversee Agent’s Achievements Based on Your Business Hours

To keep an eye on an individual agent’s performance, the Agent Performance Flexible Widget is your place to be. From metrics such as public replies, completed messages, and median response time, the performance table displays each agent’s achievements at a glance. And like all other Flexible Widgets, it’s fully customizable, allowing you to analyze the data based on your needs.

To get started, make sure you set the correct business hours in the Settings. With business hours for Twitter, Facebook, and now Instagram and LinkedIn, you’re ready for some accurate reporting! 

Customize the Listening Experience to Your Needs

Social listening helps brands to rapidly gain insights on everything from changing customer expectations to competitive intel. With Socialbakers, raise your social media listening intelligence to boost customer experiences at every stage

Powered by artificial intelligence, the Socialbakers Listening algorithm is continuously learning, and it’s gotten even smarter since last month’s release. Social Listening provides you with super focused matches, additional coverage, incredible precision and volume of collected mentions. But that’s not all; there are some brand-new features to help you make even more of your Listening efforts.

Apples To Apples – Compare Multiple Queries With a Click

Whether you’re making a campaign comparison or want to benchmark your share of voice against competitors, you can do all of that and more with the new query comparison. Compare up to 10 queries in Listening Analytics, and dive into any of the views to get the insights you need. With knowledge on share of voice, sentiment comparison, keyword side-by-side, and more, identify what’s working and find ways to fix what isn’t. Be sure to select a query set that includes more than one query, and you’re ready to go.

Analyze Listening Data at Scale – Listening Meets Content Labeling 

Labels play a huge role in the customization of analysis. That’s why you can now boost your listening analysis with content labels all across the platform. Label listening content individually or via bulk actions, and filter your insights by post label or unlabeled content in Content Hub or Analytics. Get the insights you need right away.

Sort and Discover Influencer Content With Ease

To analyze content by your most influential fans at a glance, in addition to the other sorting options in Content Hub, you can now also sort Twitter content by interactions or potential impressions. Based on the author’s number of followers, sorting content by potential impressions is a great way to spot user-generated content created by your biggest followers.  Due to API limitations, potential impressions are not available for Facebook or Instagram.

Shorten Links to Your Heart’s Content

You’ve created a picture-perfect post in Publisher and are ready to insert a link. Make the new post shine, and don’t ruin it with a long and unwieldy link; use the improved link shortener!

With this release, the Socialbakers integration has received an upgrade! By hovering over the link in your post, you can now instantly shorten, generate the UTM, or open the associated link with one click. And what’s even better, you can add several links to one post as well. 

If you shorten a link in this new convenient way, will auto-shorten your link; however, it won’t add any link preview to your post. So in case you want a visual preview as part of your post, it’s best to go via the traditional ‘Shorten Link’ button at the bottom of the editor field.

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